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As a connoisseur of string instruments and an accomplished violinist of over 40 years, I, Rick Concoff, know quality sound! Furthermore, as a string instrument instructor, I know what students and their violins need to achieve the greatest quality in sound and tone.

Selecting the right violin is an acquired skill. A student must have an instrument that is capable of sounding above the ability of the child, so that the child has something to rise to. When a child reaches the zenith of sound and tone on a particular instrument, it is critical that the student be moved up to a higher quality instrument. To facilitate that, we are willing to allow you to trade up to a higher model by crediting the price of your instrument towards one you purchase from us at a higher price. (assuming the instrument being traded in is in good condition).

I am the inventor and manufacturer of the BOWRIGHT™, a device used to teach straight and proper bowing. The unit is sold throughout the world and has helped thousands of students bow correctly. Click here for more Information.

I extend my services to all of Sonoma County or any other area by correspondence. In addition, I can refer good teachers in your local area!

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