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The BOWRIGHT™ is a teaching device proven to teach and reinforce straight bowing. After many attempts by teachers throughout the centuries, finally we have a teaching device which works.

The BOWRIGHT™ fits on the violin with ease, without hurting the instrument, and comes off to fold so it fits in the case.

The BOWRIGHT™ is affordable at a suggested retail of $20.95 and
is available in stores and catalogues nationwide.

For an independent review of the BOWRIGHT™,
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For information on obtaining the BOWRIGHT™ and for the nearest store or distributor please contact us at

Rick Concoff Violins
PO BOX 1155
Sebastopol, CA 95473
Phone (707) 477-9196 or (707) 823-3916
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The Best of Serenade: Oneg Shabbat, We Dance, We Sing
( Nirkod V’ Nashir)

MP3 samples from
The Best of Serenade

Bashana Haba'ah.mp3

Yesh Lanu Tayish.mp3

Erev Shel Shoshanim.mp3



For close to 30 years generations of Jewish families have made The Best of Serenade part of their weekly Shabbat Experience.  The album features performers Rick Concoff on violin, Ron Atchison on Guitar and Ann Brown Rabiroff on vocals.
Jewish and non-Jewish Listeners continue to love the album as it brings still fresh arrangements of standard Jewish Folk Songs, Israeli and Yiddish favorites to your home.  The album has been acclaimed worldwide as a favorite and one to be a part of every home’s music library.  Many of the songs are danceable as well-known folkdances.  

Songs Included in The Best of Serenade
Bashana Haba’ah, Yerushelayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold), Sisu Et Yerushelayim, Tumbalalaika, Hevenu Shalom Aleichem, Dror Yikra, Tsur Mishelo, Eleh Chamda Libi, Ufaratzta, Oseh Shalom, Et Dodim, V’haer Enenu, Simcha, Hine Ma Tov, Zemer Atik, Ush’avtem Mayim, Ma Navu, Hora Aggadati, Ve David, Erev Ba, Yesh Lanu Tayish, Shirala, Tsena Tsena, David Melech Yisrael, Hava Nagila, Ha Shual, Erev Shel Shoshanim.

To order The Best of Serenade call (707)823-3916 or
send a check or money order for $15.00 (includes shipping and handling) to Serenade P.O. Box 1155, Sebastopol, CA. 95473

Please include your name, mailing address and phone number.



Also available from Serenade is the group's original song CD, Scenes From Childhood,  a favorite of adults and loved by children as well.  This whimsical CD features original instrumentals written and performed on this high quality recording by Rick Concoff, Ron Atchison, and Jonathan Marmelzat.

MP3 samples from

Glider Ride.mp3

Blue Wonder.mp3

Child's Play.mp3

To order Serenade SCENES FROM CHILDHOOD call (707)823-3916 or
send a check or money order for $15.00 (includes shipping and handling) to
Serenade P.O. Box 1155, Sebastopol, CA. 95473

Please include your name, mailing address and phone number.

Live Performance

Serenade, featuring Rick Concoff and Ron Atchison have piloted Serenade for over 30 years. Serenade has performed over 3500 times at Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, concerts and other events.

--Serenade features violin, guitar, piano, vocals with a great synthesized percussion sections. 

--The live band plays 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's music for dance and listening enjoyment. 

--Serenade specializes in Israeli and Jewish folk dance music, and has a long-time selling CD to prove it. (CD available on this site.)

--Serenade can teach folk dancing, play wedding ceremonies and stroll as well as play stationary.

--Serenade can lead Havdallah service.

--Serenade can also provide a DJ who can play music from any era, as well as conduct games with prizes for the kids.

To book a performance of Serenade
Call 707-823-3916,  707-477-9196, or email

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Our rental prices are among the lowest in the country. We rent stand up basses at discount prices. There are only a few places in the Bay Area that do the same!